Crankshaft Sensors

Crankshaft Sensor

About Our Sensors

A Crankshaft Position Sensor is an electronic device that monitors the position or rotational speed of the crankshaft. The sensor relays information to the vehicle’s computer to control ignition timing and fuel injection systems. It also works with the Camshaft Position Sensor to monitor the position of valves and pistons. This is especially important in engines with variable valve timing. The Crankshaft Position Sensor also is the primary source for measuring engine speed expressed in revolutions per minute.

  • Circuitry designed to shield electro-magnetic interference
  • Market coverage leadership for European, Asian, and Domestic vehicles
  • Designed to meet or exceed manufacturer’s OE specifications for form, fit, and function
  • One year warranty from date of product install
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What make us different

Product Management

Our team has invested in and organized the data necessary to provide a solution suited to the needs of the Automotive Aftermarket. In addition, we utilize our knowledge to provide not only a product, but a customized analysis of our customers’ specific needs.

Customer Service

We wouldn’t exist without a loyal customer base. That is why we have tailored our business to meeting your needs instead of selling you parts. We provide specific program recommendations so that you stock parts that your customers want, and then provide you with our product management and marketing resources to make sure they know that you stock the solution they need.


We believe in getting the most return out of your investment. With this in mind, we have fashioned our program to contain the most in-demand parts with the highest vehicle populations, creating an offering with the highest coverage possible.

Market Research

We are focused on providing the parts you need before you need them, so that you are prepared when the customer comes calling. With a top-of-the-line product development team, and contacts spread across a broad spectrum of levels within the industry, we can ensure the highest quality standards for the solutions we provide.

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